Our mission is to share delicious and heathy recipes that can be used for everyday cooking.

A long time ago I started getting interested in cooking. With absolutly no prior experience I started making simple dishes like pancakes or brownies from store-bought mixes and many others. Since then I began looking for simple recipes. I learned about ingredients. Some of the ingredients I would never imagine putting together, but after some practice I learned some very good combinations.
I got lots of support from my wife who also loves to cook with me and now from my 8 years old son who is learning about food and nutrituion in his school.

All of us love to eat nutritious foods. We try to add little twists to common recipes to make them more exciting. We are convinced that healthy food can be very delicious and that you should not sacrifice flavor to make a dish healthy.

Here we will be sharing our most favorite recipies. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Cooking can be a lot of fun!
All recipes contain natural ingredients only and are made from scratch!